After mowing your lawn the next big step is to give your lawn or garden an aesthetic touch or we can say a manicured look. A weed eater can be a good choice for this purpose as it not only trims the grass but also reaches spots in your garden where a mower cannot! Along with that it can also control saplings depending upon the type of weed eater you buy. The guide created here for selecting the perfect weed eater will not only help those who believe in “DIY approach” but also those who would like to save some bucks!

  1. Area The area of your garden is the first thing to consider while purchasing a weed eater. Electric and gas models are available in the market but which one would you use will depend on the area you have to cover. Electric weed eaters are good for smaller premises where power connections or extensions are available however for covering large areas gas models work wonders as you can move freely without a clingy cord. Though gas is an expense but worth the ease this model provides with large lawn spaces.
  2. Efficiency How efficient is your weed eater is the most important factor to consider. Firstly efficiency in terms of its weight means that you have to work with a weed eater for hours, so holding a heavy model is not a joke. Even a healthy and heavy built person can get tired and have sore muscles after working with such a model.

Second efficiency criteria in terms of a gas model is the consumption of gas. It needs to be checked and confirmed that how long a weed eater can run on one tank of gas without refill. If the weed eater’s gas tank can run for half an hour only it means it’s not efficient enough and hence not a good bargain.

  1. Ergonomics Factors Every person is made differently. Some are tall and some are short. Adjustable handle option in a weed eater allows to adjust the height of the handle of weed eater according to the comfort of the user. Secondly if you are selecting a heavy model then a shoulder strap comes in quite handy.
  2. Attachments Weed eaters also come with attachments like edgers and cutters which help to convert your weed eater into a multitasker. These attachments do add a little extra cost so are an optional feature.
  3. Customer care and warranty Warranty of a weed eater should range between 6-12 months and customer care is extremely important. Be careful which brand are you choosing as some offer deals that are “too good to be true” in the literal sense. Make sure to try calling on their customer care numbers to check their response time. In the end you are purchasing a machine which can run out anytime or has a manufacturing defect so a good customer care service is mandatory to be checked beforehand.
  4. Product reviews Product reviews also give a good insight into the product’s efficiency and effectiveness, only if they are not sponsored. Go through the reviews thoroughly and trust me they can influence your purchase to a large extent.

Once you purchase a suitable weed eater maintenance plays a key role in its sustainability. Keep it clean and restring it timely. Weed eaters not only trim but can also manage landscaping for you.

Selecting the Perfect Weed Eater
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