If you are still undecided about whether to buy a blu-ray DVD player or not then you might be worried about a couple of things.

The most common concerns are:

– That a blu-ray player will cost too much
– That blu-ray discs are expensive
– That the bluray player is not compatible with your TV
– That you will not be able to record your favorite TV shows as you can with your current DVD player
– That you won’t be able to play regular DVD’s on your blu-ray player

Ok, let’s now dispel some of these myths for you so you can learn the facts.

Whilst it is true that blu-ray players cost more than traditional DVD players, the price has come down significantly this year. Bluray is no longer an up and coming technology, but one that has cemented its place in the market. More and more people are upgrading to blu ray, particularly as high definition televisions have become more affordable. This has caused the price of bluray players to drop.

Blu ray DVD movies cost more than regular DVD’s but you are receiving a better quality movie and often extras that are not on the normal DVD. Again, prices of bluray DVD’s have dropped within the past 6 months and they are not much more expensive than normal DVD’s.

Most bluray players come with HDMI and component cables. If you are worried it won’t work with your older TV, fear not. Although it is preferable to upgrade your television to a high definition model, the blu ray player will connect to older TV’s with the component cable – you will just not receive maximum quality.

Bluray recorders exist and you can record high quality DVD’s straight from your TV. You will also have all the functionality of a DVD player and there are both write once and rewriteable DVD formats to choose from.

Blu ray players can certainly play regular DVD’s – they are totally ‘backwards compatible’. So you need not worry that your existing DVD collection will be made redundant.

As you can see, owning a bluray player is not a liability, but a great advantage and it holds many benefits. As blu-ray discs, players and high definition televisions all decrease in price, you’ll be able to have a high definition set up at home that will be a feast for your senses.

Blu Ray Player: Why You Should Own A Blu-Ray Player

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